The Electric Telegraph:A Revolutionary Invention

The Transatlantic Cable

The Transatlantic Cable was created in order to make communication between the U.S. and Europe faster and more efficient.
This picture and the photo below show people building the first Transatlantic Cable
-Transatlantic Cable--the first underwater cable, created by Cyrus Field in 1866, that transported electric telegraphic pulses across the entire Atlantic Ocean all the way to Europe

Why Does it Matter?
-Before Transatlantic Cable: Long-distance communication only improved in the United States. 

-After Transatlantic Cable: Telegraphic messages could be exchanged with different countries in Europe 

-Before:Messages that had to be sent by ship could take weeks to deliver

-After: Messages could be sent via telegraph in just minutes 

-Before:Morse's telegraph helped to unite just the U.S. 

-After:Transatlantic Cable helped to better unite the U.S. and Europe.