The Electric Telegraph:A Revolutionary Invention

Issues with Morse Code and Wire Capacity

People reacted to the telegraph such that it was too complicated to use Morse code and that it still took a long time to send messages due to the small capacity of the wires.

Issues with Morse Code

-When the telegraph was introduced to the public, Morse Code was immediately introduced as well

-Morse Code- A
signaling system that uses combinations of long and short sounds, flashes of light or electrical pulses.  Morse Code was used to communicate via telegraph

-Caused a problem: not every single person in America could learn the Morse Code immediately 

-Result: specially trained operators were needed for translating messages into Morse Code. 

-No need for specialized operators = the system would've been  less complicated, so operators were inconvenient.

Wire Capacity Concerns

-Only one message was able to be transmitted on a wire at one time

-Either there had to be more wires or there had to be a waiting time

Morse's Notes on Code
International Morse Code Language-still used today
A picture depicting the many wires that were necessary in order to send messages via telegraph.
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