The Electric Telegraph:A Revolutionary Invention

New Inventions for Faster Communication

Since many people felt that the telegraph could be improved, several more inventions were created in order to make communication faster, easier, and more efficient.

The Teletype-Telegraph

-The teletype-telegraph, or the teletype--essentially the same as the telegraph, except that it contained keys with letters that could be used to type messages

Why it Matters
-Morse Code was no longer needed

New Wires

-These wires were able to carry two messages at one time, later four 

Why it Matters
-This greatly decreased the amount of wires needed and allowed the multiple messages to be sent even further.

A photo of the first Teletype
Because wires could carry more messages at once, few cable wires were needed, as shown in this photo.


-Invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

-Instead of relying on electric bursts like the telegraph, the telephone relied on a steady stream of electricity, in order to transmit sounds

Why it Matters
-Ability to send back-and-forth messages to others simultaneously by voice--communication more direct and efficient.

The first telephone, created by Alexander Graham Bell

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